The SSL Clone components list:

This is my current parts list for the G-SSL project - there are no gurantees for exactness - but I'd really like to have feedback from you if something is wrong and/or missing:

2pcs NE5532 DUAL OPAMP - DIL-8 housing
4pcs NE5534 SINGLE OPAMP - DIL-8 housing
1pcs TL072 DUAL BIFET OPAMP - DIL-8 housing
1pcs TL074 QUAD BIFET OPAMP - DIL-14 housing
3pcs THAT2181 (or THAT2180) VCA's - SIL-8 housing
6pcs 1N4148 small signal diode 80V-0.1A
1pcs LED for "on" indication - size and colour of your choise
1pcs Bridge rectifier, Round type, 1A/50V minimum
1pcs 7815 DC REGULATOR 15V/1.0A TO220
1pcs 7915 DC REGULATOR 15V/1A TO220
1pcs 78L12 DC REGULATOR 12V/0.1A POS.
1pcs 79L12 DC REGULATOR 12V/0.1A NEG.
2pcs Trimpot 50K Ohm, 5x10mm, Horizontal
1pcs Trimpot 5K Ohm, 5x10mm, (optional, for adjusting meter if needed)
2pcs POTENTIOMETER 47K OHM or 50K Ohm Linear - 6mm axle
2pcs Lorlin or similar rotary switch, 2sw x 6positions, for PCB mount
2pcs Lorlin or similar rotary switch, 4sw x 3positions, for PCB mount
7pcs IC-socket, "turned-pin" DIL 8 PINS
1pcs IC-socket, "turned-pin" DIL 14 PINS
2pcs IC-socket, "turned-pin" DIL 16 PINS (to cut up for SIL-sockets for VCA's)

1pcs CERAMIC CAPACITOR 10pF 5mm pin spacing
2pcs CERAMIC CAPACITOR 22pF 5mm pin spacing
4pcs CERAMIC CAPACITOR 33pF 5mm pin spacing
9pcs CERAMIC CAPACITOR 100pF 5mm pin spacing
25pcs Polyester capacitors - 100nF/63V 5mm pin spacing

2pcs Resistor, 10 OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 47 OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 68 OHM METALFILM
6pcs Resistor, 100 OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 120 OHM METALFILM
5pcs Resistor, 470 OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 820 OHM METALFILM
7pcs Resistor, 1K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 2K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 2.7K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 3.9K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 8.2K OHM METALFILM
10pcs Resistor, 10K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 15K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 20K OHM METALFILM
8pcs Resistor, 22K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 27K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 33K OHM METALFILM
7pcs Resistor, 47K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 56K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 68K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 82K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 90.9K OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 100K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 127K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 180K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 220K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 270K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 470K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 510K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 560K OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 620K OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 750K OHM METALFILM
3pcs Resistor, 1M OHM METALFILM
2pcs Resistor, 1.2M OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 1,8M OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 3.3M OHM METALFILM
1pcs Resistor, 3.9M OHM METALFILM

2pcs 5POLE. PIN connectors, PCB, 1/10" (2.54mm pitch)
1pcs 10POLE. PIN connectors, PCB, 1/10" (2.54mm pitch)
1pcs 10POLE connector, Cable, 1/10" (2.54mm pitch)
2pcs 5POLE connector, Cable, 1/10" (2.54mm pitch)
16pcs CRIMP TERMINAL for pcb connectors

1pcs IEC power connector
1pcs CHASSIS fuse holder
1pcs fuse for above, 315mAT
2pcs XLR 3-pin, male, for chassis
2pcs XLR 3-pin, female, for chassis
1pcs Toroid power transformer, 2x15V/10VA or more
1pcs Power switch (Rotary?) that will fit your front panel nicely

- a nice 19", 1 or 2 unit tall rack case
- a meter - some type of 1mA full-scale DC meter that will fit your box
- 30V/25mA or so light bulb for your meter - but only if you have 10VA or more power transformer.
- 6-7 knobs of your liking - should fit your pots and switches..
- some mounting hardware like screws, pcb stand-offs, mounting wire, mains wire, and so on..

Jakob Erland
Gyraf Audio