International Distribution and Retailers:

China & Hong Kong - OSC-Audio, Beijing -

Czech Republic & Slovakia - Velvet Sound -

France - Prikosnovenie, Clisson -

Germany - Digital Audio Service GbR, Hamburg -

Italy - VD Music srl (VDM Group), Rome -

Norway - Lydspesialisten -

Spain/Portugal - Mastering Mansion, Madrid -

Switzerland -, Lommiswil -

The Netherlands - Helios Pro Audio Solutions, Haarlem -

United Kingdoms - KMR Audio, Whetstone, London -

United Kingdoms - SXPro, Letchworth

Gyraf Audio Prices:

Our current prices, when shipped directly from our facility,excluding shipping and VAT where that applies. We trade in Danish Kroner, DKK only:


G14 Parallel-passive Stereo EQ - 20.400 DKK - ca. 2.742 EUR

G23 "Ambler" Tilt Equalizer - 18.000 DKK - ca. 2.420 EUR

Dynamics processors:

G24 Passive/Aggressive Cadmium compressor - 19.570 DKK - ca. 2.630 EUR (*)

G22 Dual/Stereo/MS Vari-mu compressor - 23.400 DKK - ca. 3.146 EUR

G10 vari-mu stereo compressor - 20.000 DKK - ca. 2.689 EUR

G10/Hpf (w.sidechain highpass) - 21.000 DKK - ca. 2.825 EUR

Equalizing Dynamics:

G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum Passive Soft-Clipper - 23.950 DKK - ca. 3.220 EUR


G9 Dual tube mic pre - 12.000 DKK - ca. 1.615 EUR

Discontinued products:

G2 tube recording channel. 1997-2015 - temporarily discontinued

G3 stereo optical compressor. 1999-2015 - temporarily discontinued

G3/Hf stereo optical compressor w/ HF-compression 2011-2015- temporarily discontinued

Spare tubes:

G10/G22 Vari-mu tube set - 2x PCC189 matched, 1960'es Herleen NL or Blackburn UK - DKK 750 incl. shipping, ex. vat

G10/G22 Output tube set - 2x ECC88 - DKK550 incl. shipping, ex. vat

G10/G22 Complete set - DKK1100 - incl. shipping, ex. vat

G14 Complete Tube set - 2x E88CC/JAN6922, closely matched for gain - DKK 850 incl. shipping, ex. vat

All prices are excluding VAT (where that applies) and shipping and all prices are subject to change.
The products not mentioned in the list are not in current production, and you'll need to contact us for an updated price on those.

Shipping charges pr. unit (ca. 10kg) is approximately DKK250 to Europe and USA and DKK550 to Australia. Please contact us for an exact freight quote

Up until now we've only sold units in Danish Kroner and would prefer to keep this policy given some of the wild swings in exchange rates lately.

All units are sold prepaid - If you wish, we can negotiate a two-week return/money-back option for customers that have no other way of trying out the units, like in countries that don't have distributors yet. This would allow you to return the unit, all you need to pay is the shipping expenses both ways.

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22. June 2017

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