Gyraf Audio Main Products:

Gyratec XXIII: "Ambler" Tilt Equalizer (G23)

Gyratec XXII: Stereo/Dual/MS Vari-mu Compressor (G22)

Gyratec XXI: magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum (G21)

Gyratec XIV: Stereo Parallel-passive Equalizer (G14)

Gyratec X: Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor (G10)

Gyratec IX - Dual Microphone preamp

Discontinued Products:

Gyratec III: Stereo electro-optical Compressor

Gyratec II - Recording channel: Microphone preamp, Compressor and Eq


Review of Gyratec XXI from British "Sound on Sound" Magazine, September 2013.

Review of Gyratec XIV from "Resolution Magazine" May 2008.

Review of Gyratec II from "Resolution Magazine" Jan. 2003.

Review of Gyratec III from "Resolution Magazine" Mar. 2003.

Review of Gyratec X from "Resolution Magazine" May 2003.

Recall Sheets:

Recall Sheet for the G22 Stereo/Dual/MS Vari-mu Compressor (.PDF)

Recall Sheet for the G21 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum (.PDF)

Recall Sheet for the G10 Vari-mu Compressor (.PDF)

Recall Sheet for the G14 Parallel-Passive Equalizer (.PDF)

Recall Sheet for the G3 Electro-optical Compressor (.PDF)

Recall Sheet for the G2 Recording Channel (.PDF)