1176 Slam/Nuke switch

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03. Oct. 2002

The 1176 Slam mode...

By popular demand, here's information about how to include the hyped "Slam" or "Nuke" mode in this version of the 1176.

On the original 1176, when pushing all "ratio"-buttons at once, you'd get a wrong bias and threshold, as well as 20:1 compression. Some like the sound of this, be it from the fact that is an "undocumented feature", "secret", "as used by famous producer XX" or whatever.

In my personal opinion this is bad taste, but we'd like to give you the opportunity to try out for yourself

My original way of doing ratio switching on the G1176 obviously does not support more switches at once, so we have to modify it, putting in a double pole switch, that you have to mount somewhere on the frontplate.

This switch in effect overrides the "ratio" setting when activated.

The two parts of the switch, four wires in total, is soldered directly to the back of the "RATIO" switching PCB:

Please observe, that this image shows the PCB from the COMPONENT SIDE! So you'll need to do a little thinking when attaching the four wires..

Juergen Haible has a lot of info about the Slam mode:



06-2002 Jakob Erland