Welcome to Gyraf Audio

Crafting Artistry in Audio Tools

Welcome to Gyraf Audio, the artisanal electronics workshop based in a large studio complex in the vibrant city of Aarhus, Denmark. Our journey is rooted in over thirty years of dedication to the professional audio and recording industry, culminating in a carefully curated product range.

Focused primarily on mix and mastering, our offerings extend across a diverse spectrum of recording equipment, including microphone preamplifiers, equalizers, and compressors. What sets us apart is our commitment to meeting the intricate demands of in-house technical teams. This journey has led to the creation of unique designs that, once experienced, became indispensable to our clients. Thus, we began crafting limited production runs for those seeking the exceptional quality of our studio.

Reflecting on our evolution, the swiftness of our design cycle emerges as a standout feature. Collaborating closely with in-house engineers enables us to rapidly design, test, gather user feedback, refine, redesign, and retest – all within a matter of hours. This iterative approach yields innovative – and often unexpected – solutions to technical challenges.

At the core of our mission is the creation of analogue equipment with distinctive “personality.” We believe in providing users with precise and predictable control over the unit’s psychology, allowing you to color and beautify your analogue path exactly as desired. Our guiding principle has always been: “…if it sounds right, it is right.”

From a technical standpoint, we employ carefully tuned passive circuits, combined with tubes, in configurations with minimal feedback. This approach ensures gentle and predictable control over the unit’s behavior. However, we are not averse to incorporating solid-state active technology when necessary to imbue our products with that extra “something.”

Experience the artistry of Gyraf Audio – where each crafted tool is a testament to our passion for excellence in audio engineering.

Jakob Erland
CEO, solderer, designer, packer, accountant and marketeer..

Gyraf Audio
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