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Handcrafting your audio tools

Gyraf Audio is a small-scale electronics company, set up for manufacturing high grade audio electronics in the city of Aarhus, Denmark.

The product range is the result of our work in professional audio and recording business for thirty years plus.

Our range of units are primarily aimed at mix and mastering, but we cover a broad spectrum of recording equipment: Microphone preamplifiers equalizers and compressors.

Historically, our purpose was to meet complex requirements of in-house technical staff, resulting in a journey that eventually turned into several unique designs that visiting clients found they could not live without, which made us do tiny production runs for friends of our studio.

Looking back, our most valuable asset has probably been the very short design cycle involved in developing our products. Always working in close co-operation with in-house engineers means we can design, test-fly, get user feedback, tweak, redesign, and retest in mere hours. This way of approximating design tends to bring us unexpected and interesting answers to technical queries.

Our most important focus is to produce analogue equipment with “personality” – but also to allow the apparent psychology of the units to be under tight and predictable user control whatever coloring you may wish to embellish or beautify your analogue path. It should always be up to you alone to decide exactly what, how much and where. Our general work thesis always was: “..if it sounds right it is right..”

Technically, our approach is using – carefully tuned – passive circuits, paired with tubes, in configurations with little or no feedback to give predictable and gentle control over the unit’s behavior. That said, we do not shy away from solid-state active technology, if that is what is needed to give our product that extra “something”..

Jakob Erland
CEO, solderer, designer, packer, accountant and marketeer..

Gyraf Audio
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